Heading to a great 18th time! The Züri-Wiesn – Our Oktoberfest at the main station invites you to celebrate The Bavarian way!

They’re nuts, the people of Zurich! That’s what the Bavarians must have thought. To put a beer tent in the middle of the main hall of Switzerland’s largest train station and celebrate their own Oktoberfest?

How iconic is that! …the happy buddies of the Züri-Wiesn reply and state that their Oktoberfest is certainly like no other.

Whether at the Wiesn, on the Wasen or in the main station– Celebrating properly is fun wherever the ambience is right.

That’s why it’s Züri-Wiesn for the 18th time, and the fun will continue as long as you are happy to celebrate the joy of life and the desire to be merry with us. Autumn is our time, come and let’s raise a glass.

The mood barometer rises even higher on the new gallery
The 18th Züri-Wiesn now boasts a whole new dimension of fun! Two staircases lead up to the heavenly gallery. Up here you have a complete overview of the great fun and the stage with the Wiesn bands. And you will be carried by the waves of the maximum mood. Let’s go to the top places of the new Züri-Wiesn!

Make your reservation in time

Smart people get their seats in a row in time.

Now it’s the best time to make sure that you book the best seats or tables for you and your mates on your preferred date. It’s super quick and easy with our ticket tool.
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Just drop in or pre-order for the great blast.

The beer garden is open daily and invites you to take a Bavarian stopover, while in the evening the beer tent offers the tried and tested Wiesnkaiser, Wiesnkönig and Wiesn-Single.
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Great blast
for companies

For anniversaries or simply for the team spirit – celebrations made to measure.

It doesn’t matter how big your company is, whether it can be accommodated at a single table or preferably on the whole Züri-Wiesn. We make everything possible and the fun is included.
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Be sure & book

The Züri-Wiesn only takes place once a year and only lasts for round about three weeks. The run on the heavenly gallery seats is expected to be huge. We’d better hurry so we don’t blow our chances. Get your seats!
Whether you book a whole table of ten or individual seats – you can enjoy the great fun and games either way. And at the Züri-Wiesn you’ll always meet a lot of funny people who love nothing more than partying together.